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I was bred, born and raised in Texas and now live up in north Conroe.  I’m married to my Beautiful Trophy Wife, Stacie, since 2003 and have 4 awesome Chitlin’s.  My work background consists of serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1993-1997 active duty and the reserves from 1997-2001, Houston Police Department 1998-2002 and now work for the Department of Homeland Security since 2002.  I grew up playing baseball, soccer, cycling, running track/cross country and tossing a few weights around but ultimately always veered more towards running in order to favor my strengths in endurance. A great friend of mine, Dick Douglas, introduced me to CrossFit several years ago.  Once I really jumped in head first and started learning what true health and wellness was I was hooked! I joined CrossFit of Aces back in the garage days, when they were the only CrossFit box in the Conroe area.  CrossFit of Aces brings back the comradery, family, brotherhood and friendly competition that I loved about the Corps. My goal is to do my 100 burpees on my 100th birthday at CrossFit of Aces!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate 



I have been doing Crossfit since 2010, I am Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, Crossfit Kids coach and a Physical Education Teacher, I formerly worked as an Indoor Cycling Instructor and a Personal Trainer, I  have competed in several Crossfit Competitions,  in 2013 I placed 2nd in the Master’s Division at the Fittest Summer Comp. and Third in the Forever Young Crossfit Comp, I have  completed several Sprint triathlons 5 and 10 mile races.  Similar to most women I have spent the majority of my life worrying about my weight and doing anything and everything to improve the overall appearance of my body, I tried every fad diet on the market and did the traditional cardio, back and biceps and chest and triceps routine until I finally discovered a fitness program that was challenging, always changing and never boring.   Crossfit has become a life changing event for me, I find it as mentally challenging as it is physically, I have pushed myself more than I thought possible and I love it!  Helping others learn new things, improve their health and push themselves to achieve their goals is why I became a coach.  I am also passionate about teaching children and making physical fitness fun for them.  My only regret is that I didn’t find Crossfit sooner!  Crossfit has also become a very rewarding family activity, my entire family practices crossfit together, I also believe that Crossfit of Aces is a place to forge lifetime friendships.  The opportunity to be part of Crossfit of Aces and help those in my community transform their lives for the better is an honor.  The family centered atmosphere and the motivation that Crossfit of Aces provides is exceptional.  If you are looking for a challenging workout in a fun atmosphere come and give it a try.  We are all here to make sure you succeed.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate
 CrossFit Kids Trainer Certificate
CrossFit Mobility Trainer Certificate
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Certificate
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach


I am originally from Wisconsin.  I grew up in a small tourist town, and attended college in La Crosse, WI, where I earned my BS in Exercise and Sport Science.  I then attended San Diego State University, where I earned my Masters degree in Exercise Physiology in 2010.   I have had a Health and Fitness Specialist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine since 2007, allowing me to gain experience instructing group fitness classes (yoga, Pilates, spinning, TurboKick, water fitness, etc.), and personal training. Following my graduate coursework, I began my career as a clinical exercise physiologist, working with patients in cardiac rehab.  After getting burnt out on group fitness classes, my husband signed me up for CrossFit.  Reluctantly, I began in February of 2012 and after a couple months, I was hooked.  For me, CrossFit is a great inclusive sport that truly anyone can participate in.  2013 was a big year for our family:  my husband and I moved to Texas, we welcomed our tiny human, Jacob, to the world, we built and moved into our new home, and I earned my CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate!   I am so excited to be a part of the CrossFit of Aces family, to be able to share my knowledge and experience with everyone, as well as learn from each and every one of the coaches and members!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate 

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After ending my amateur baseball career of 14 years I continually searched, albeit unsuccessfully, for something similar to the competition, camaraderie and the team experience. I knew I found what I had been looking for when CrossFit came into my life in 2006. I followed the workouts modifying as I had to in my local globo-gym. The weird & inquiring looks were aplenty, but it was expected because it flew in the face of what everyone else was doing and teaching. In 2009 I started training at a local CrossFit gym. Then in June 2011 I decided (with much encouragement) to compete in CrossFit South Central Sectionals and subsequently qualified for Regionals and placed 35th out of 60 athletes. I’ve been helping sick and injured people as an ICU RN for thirteen years. Now my passion and focus is to help people before they get sick, and CrossFit is my method. In addition to getting healthier and stronger, I love CrossFit for the focus on community. We at CrossFit of Aces want this to feel like your fitness family. We want to impact you and your family for a better, healthier, more active future.

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certificate
CrossFit Kids Trainer Certificate
USA Weightlifting Club Coach
CrossFit Striking Trainer Certificate


It was not until I had kids that I realized how important health and fitness really are. As a child, I was coerced into playing sports that I did not enjoy and was never really good at. Working out as an adult was always a chore or an unfavorable necessity. After moving from Scotland, I have competed in triathlons and running events but had not found anything I was actually passionate about, until I found CrossFit of Aces. I knew about CrossFit through my husband, who has been following the website for as long as I have known him, but it was not something I had thought I could do. A friend encouraged me to try CrossFit of Aces and, because of the coaches, it is now almost 2 years later and I have never looked back. CrossFit has helped me and I believe it can help everyone. I have 3 girls and I want to be a good example to them and give them an opportunity to love exercise. I decided to obtain my CrossFit Kids certificate because I believe it is important to show kids that exercise is fun. Teaching kids how to safely, effectively and efficiently move, so when they become adults they will continue to do the same and always have a strong foundation to build on; this is such a privilege for me and something I really have fun doing.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate
CrossFit Kids Trainer Certific


Running is one of a few passions of mine. The feel of a barbell in my hand is another. God and my family come before it all. I pursued CrossFit Endurance and coaching because their goals are aligned with mine and allow me to continue each passion with enough time, intensity, and focus.  I love that CrossFit Endurance combines the effectiveness of CrossFit programming with a concentration on running form. As I age, the long-term effects of a training program become increasingly more important. This program delivers results while fitting into a schedule that allows me to train with great intensity but also enjoy many other interests . I love the ” variety and all around athleticism” that CrossFit Endurance produces. Strength work, functional movements, proper running mechanics, and body maintenance have truly helped me to become ‘Unbroken.’

 CrossFit Endurance Trainer Certificate


I have always lived an active lifestyle and played many sports through the years with volleyball being my favorite. Running became a passion of mine about 10 years ago. I have competed in sprint triathlons and many road and trail runs. My husband introduced me to Crossfit of Aces in 2013 and I immediately knew I had found something amazing. Crossfit will allow you to push yourself at a speed that is right for you and accomplish goals you never imaged!!! Of course, any workout that involves running is my favorite. I am excited to start helping others take their performance and fitness to the next level with Crossfit Endurance. I want to help you run your first 5K or beat your last half marathon time or just help improve your overall endurance and health...this class is for everyone!!

CrossFit Endurance Trainer Certificate 

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