What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is a program that uses CrossFit’s methodology to help our kids to develop in a healthy and balanced way.

So what exactly does that mean?

There are ten different components to a person’s physical capabilities (aka, their fitness).  It’s important to develop each aspect as well and evenly as we can, otherwise the end result won’t be balanced.  Let’s take a look at the ten different components that need to be focused on.

The Ten Components of Fitness:

 1. Cardiovascular Endurance
 2. Stamina
 3. Strength
 4. Power
 5. Flexibility
 6. Speed
 7. Balance
 8. Accuracy
 9. Agility
 10. Coordination 

Courtesy of Dynamex and CrossFit

Why is CrossFit Kids so important?

CrossFit Kids is so important because we help the kids in our program to develop a very wide basic level of fitness.  This is such an important thing for a variety of reasons.  Number one, it flat out helps to create healthier kids.  Number two, it helps kids to perform better in school when they don’t go from sitting in school all day to going home and sitting/looking at screens all night (TV, iPads, computers, video games, etc.).  Number 3, if they do play sports that they can then apply that broad base of fitness to any sport and excel to a much greater degree.

But what if my kid is already active?

If a parent comes to me and says that their youngster is already very active, what do they mean?  Nine times out of ten they’re saying that their kid is in sports.

If our kids are in sports, we naturally feel they are going to be strong, healthy and balanced.  Realistically this isn’t even remotely true.  Being in sports helps kids to develop the tools for that specific sport; but that doesn’t mean they are going to develop any of the other aspects of fitness that their particular sport doesn’t require.  So what you end up with is a kid with a very lopsided physical development who happens to be decent at whatever specialty he or she is a part of.

But if they did CrossFit and had an even and broad athletic capacity, they would not only excel in their sport, they’d also be ready for whatever other challenges life throws their way.

What if my kids don’t care about sports?

That’s totally fine.  We’re about helping people to express and develop their physicality. When your kids workout (aka have fun) at CrossFit Kids the end result is a well-developed athletic capacity and a broad base of general fitness.  They will develop all ten of the aspects of fitness and be healthier and stronger than before.  If they want to apply that to sports, awesome…if they don’t, that’s just fine too.  Worst case scenario: they are healthier and fitter than they were before.  It doesn’t matter to us if they apply that fitness towards any given sport or specialty.  We just want to help them.  What they do with it is completely up to them.

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